Re: Globalizing URIs

Fisher Mark (
Tue, 08 Aug 95 11:21:00 PDT

From: Fisher Mark <>
To: Keith Moore <>
Cc: "'URI'" <>
Subject: Re: Globalizing URIs
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 95 11:21:00 PDT
Message-Id: <3027AC31@MSMAIL.INDY.TCE.COM>

Keith Moore points out a critical error in 
<> (per my half-baked Unicode 
>Ack!  Out of the question.  URIs need to be in a universal character
>set -- meaning a character set that's available on every keyboard.
>The only reasonable option is to use a subset of ASCII.  Period.

Oops!  I meant to say, "how about standardizing on Unicode as the encoding 
(encoded?) character set".  As in <URL:> having 
the "%BF%FA" interpreted as encoded Unicode (vs. encoded shift-JIS, etc.).
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