Re: Globalizing URIs

Dirk.vanGulik (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 11:42:13 +0200

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 1995 11:42:13 +0200
From: "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Message-Id: <9508090942.AA00982@>
Subject: Re: Globalizing URIs

> Maybe I missed the proposal, but how about standardizing on Unicode for 
> URLs?  At most this should require one mapping table per environment, as I 
> doubt there are many users who require 3 or more incompatible character 
> sets.

Panix ?! I'd strongly suggest that URI's (URN's..and perhaps even postulating 
at least one representation of the URC information) to be in a widely used
universal character set which is avaible on every box. Otherwise you'll IMHO 
yeopardize one of the fairly basic fundamental requirements for URIs, URNs 
and friends.

This set will propably be a mailsafe/subset of 7bit ascii. 


(Who is just fighting with the pound, hash and squiely chars on some
frensch and UK ALIweb/URN-resolver submissions... and NOT enjoying himself
at all).