Re: Minutes of the URI WG meeting of 18 July 1995

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Fri, 4 Aug 95 9:44:47 BST

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Subject: Re: Minutes of the URI WG meeting of 18 July 1995
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 95 9:44:47 BST
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Jim Conklin wrote:

> Minutes of the URI Working Group meeting held Tuesday 18 July, 1995


> a.  WG action on the URN syntax drafts should be moved ahead and
> accomplished by (1) an interim report comparing the various URN
> proposals (based on work already distributed to the WG) and recommending

Would somebody clarify for me whether this refers to the draft I
circulated to the URI list the week before the Stockholm meeting?  If
so, then I will incorporate the comments made to me by others, but if
not then would somebody please stick their head out of the trench and
tell me who's working on this?

> action, with either a proposed standard for a unified, general URN
> syntax to be adopted by the WG at the October IETF or agreement to allow
> separate, competing proposals for URNs to proceed independently.

I strongly favour doing both.  Build a general framework within which
diverse URN schemes can exist (unified and general) and then agree to
allow separate proposals to be presented and implemented within that
framework.  There should be a limit on how many detailed proposals the
WG needs to consider to justify itself, though.  Probably no more than
half a dozen.

Mark "I'm the only person I know who's actually compared various URN
proposals and distributed the results to the WG" Madsen

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