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> On Apr 12,  3:35pm, Renato Iannella wrote:
> > If the URN denotes that is the
> > name server, what can happen if the ns is down?
> > 
> > Since the "uri" part of the hostname is not 
> > specified in the URN, can we try ??
> DNS allows more than one IP address to be associated with a single
> FQDN. Typicaly proactice now is to do a gethostbyname(), look
> at the first IP address, and fail if you can't talk with it. We
> want client writers to be a little more tenacious in this. Keep
> the list of addresses, try one. If it fails try another. Keep
> doing that until you succeed or run out of IP addresses.

I agree!  I was surprised when I noticed a Unix telnet client that
did this.  It's a very good way to do load balancing.

An option to determine the best available IP at a given time would also
be nice.  It could measure round trip, hop count, and response time.

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