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URN scenarios?

From: Larry Masinter <masinter@parc.xerox.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 05:25:59 PDT
To: uri@bunyip.com
Message-Id: <95Apr4.052608pdt.2761@golden.parc.xerox.com>
URN scenario questions. For each proposed "scheme" for URNs:

How do the URNs get assigned?
How does information in the URN=>URL mapping service get installed?
How does someone who wants to make reference to the information find
the URN?
What does the reference look like?
How does someone following the reference chase the pointer from the
URN to the actual material?
For each of the following: what happens at the site of the material,
in the URN=>URL resolution service, from the point of view of someone
following a URN to access the material:

-- What happens when the material gets replicated or mirrored or
cached? With the permission and involvement of the original publisher?
Without the permission and involvement of the original publisher?
-- What happens when the material moves?
-- What happens when the material isn't replicated & cached and

 The Department of EECS at University of Podunk starts to publish, on
the net, all preprints and papers by their faculty.  They publish each
article, but are careful about copyright management and usage rights,
only giving out copies for articles that they own the copyright or
have the rights to distribute, or for which the use is "fair use".
However, some of the papers also appear in the Journal of Online
Results, verbatim.

The Journal of Online Results also put up on their web server all of
the articles in their journal. Some are published elsewhere, others
are published for the first time by JOR.

How do URNs get assigned? When do they get assigned? Are the JOR URNs
the same as the UOP EECS URNs?
 Joe Gradstudent, grad student at University of Podunk, puts up a web
page, MicroBreweries of Podunk, updating it from time to time. The
Chamber of Commerce of Podunk puts a reference to Joe Gradstudent's
page in their online tourist guide. Joe graduates, decides he doesn't
want to maintain the pages anymore. But the Chamber of Commerce does.

How does Joe get a URN? What happens to the URN and the resource if
the information moves to the Chamber of Commerce? What if the Chamber
of Commerce doesn't know that Joe left?

 Joe's page includes a great logo for MicroBreweries. Gilda Guzzler,
creating a Guide to Guzzling in Greater Podunk, includes Joe's logo in
her Guide by reference. (<IMG SRC="urn:....">). Or can she? Does the
logo have a separate URN? Is the URN for the logo related to the URN
for the "MicroBreweries of Podunk" page?
 CERN publishes a web of online material about the web. Joe puts a
link to the CERN guide on his home page. CERN then hands off all its
web material to INRIA, but retains all of the CERN material about
high-energy physics. What happens to the URNs for the CERN material?
If INRIA puts up a revised version of the CERN material in French, do
the French versions get different URNs?
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