Re: Feedback sought on reorganizing the list of W3C Technical Reports

Le 12/01/2021 à 21:59, fantasai a écrit :
> On 1/11/21 3:55 AM, Dominique Hazael-Massieux wrote:
>> Denis and I have been working on a wireframe-mockup of how a TR page
>> reorganized along these lines would look like:
> Commenting on the layout: I don't think a grid layout is what you want.
> Lists like this need to be skimmable more than anything, and for that
> you want consistent spacing between items and density. If you want more
> than one column, use either multicol or masonry layout, so that the
> contents of each column stacks independently.
> And again, consistent spacing. The way you're handling headings and
> metadata is breaking vertical rhythm.

Thanks for the feedback on layout, which we'll pass on to Studio 24.

I realize the very drafty design we used for the mockup can make it
harder to assess the impact of the grouping, but to be clear, my
specific feedback request was on whether and how to using family as a
way to group specs on the TR page.



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