Re: Redesign Styles Hypocritical

Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> And now, my comments inline:
>> From: Gérard Talbot <>
>> I want to repeat that this font-size:13px is going against each and 
>> all of
>> WCAG 1 & 2 articles, guidelines, checkpoints, examples, tips, etc..
> No, that is your opinion. Particularly with regards to WCAG 2.

I would some agree with Gérard here.

>>> the page zoom
>>> functionality in IE 7 and 8 scales everything, even text set in absolute
>>> units,
>> Well, that's debattable, definitely debattable for IE7.
> No it isn't. The zoom zooms. That certain layouts on certain sites have 
> the potential of then breaking is another matter...however, as we're 
> talking about the redesign, and we're not dealing in absolutes 
> but actually making claims specifically about the accessibility or 
> inaccessibility (breach or no breach of WCAG 2 etc) of this site: are 
> there any specific pages on that, once you use IE's zoom 
> functionality, become completely inaccessible and fail the SCs?



In IE7 this page breaks when zooming.



This is also the first page in a long time that I have encountered where 
my *font-size settings via tools in Firefox does not work*. I have to 
use zoom instead. Is this what you call accessibility?


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