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And now, my comments inline:

> From: Gérard Talbot <>

> Why not, Patrick? Wouldn't you feel irritated/upset/annoyed if you were to
> receive only 83.3% of the salary/income that you know you should get, that
> you know you deserve? or just 83.3% of the emails or email content that
> you know you are entitled to receive?

And every time a site uses absolute font sizes, a kitten that 
enough of a "taking sides" argument now? :)

> I want to repeat that this font-size:13px is going against each and all of
> WCAG 1 & 2 articles, guidelines, checkpoints, examples, tips, etc..

No, that is your opinion. Particularly with regards to WCAG 2.

> Text Size menu commands in Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7 and
> earlier do not resize the text specified in any absolute units of
> measurement, such as points or pixels: that's undeniable.

And I wasn't denying it, but pointing out that zoom *does* work.

>> the page zoom
>> functionality in IE 7 and 8 scales everything, even text set in absolute
>> units,
> Well, that's debattable, definitely debattable for IE7.

No it isn't. The zoom zooms. That certain layouts on certain sites have 
the potential of then breaking is another matter...however, as we're 
talking about the redesign, and we're not dealing in absolutes 
but actually making claims specifically about the accessibility or 
inaccessibility (breach or no breach of WCAG 2 etc) of this site: are 
there any specific pages on that, once you use IE's zoom 
functionality, become completely inaccessible and fail the SCs? If so, 
then it's a case of looking at those in particular and proposing fixes 
there. Is the use of font sizes set in absolute units 
"accessibility-supported"? I'd argue that yes, it is. Alternatives, such 
as the tried and true use of relative sizes, may of course be better, 
but it's not a black/white argument a la "absolute font sizes = 
inaccessible site" anymore.

IMHO, of course,

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