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> As Gerard only sent this to me, passing it back to the lists.
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> Subject: Re: Redesign Styles Hypocritical
> Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 15:06:57 -0500
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>>> "
>>> When font size is specified in any absolute units of measurement, such as
>>> points or pixels, the Text Size menu commands in Internet Explorer 7 and
>>> earlier do not resize the text.
>>> "
>>> coming from C12: Using percent for font sizes
>>> That is still [and also] true for Internet Explorer 8. It's not just IE7
>>> or IE6. So that particular issue with IE will be around for 5-10 years at
>>> least. [Addendum: on top of everything, there is no minimum font-size
>>> setting which can be conveniently and quickly set in Internet Explorer 8,
>>> in Internet Explorer 7, etc.. ]
>> Again not taking sides,
> Why not, Patrick? Wouldn't you feel irritated/upset/annoyed if you were to
> receive only 83.3% of the salary/income that you know you should get, that
> you know you deserve? or just 83.3% of the emails or email content that
> you know you are entitled to receive?
> I want to repeat that this font-size:13px is going against each and all of
> WCAG 1 & 2 articles, guidelines, checkpoints, examples, tips, etc.. on
> accessible font-size. It goes against the recommendation of an unanimity
> of web accessibility and web legibility groups.

For the sake of completeness, since the thread did at one point refer
back to the historical times:

In historical times, the only sizes that should be specified for
Chinese were 16px and 24px. These are indeed pixel sizes, and no other
sizes should be used, to avoid both browser unresponsiveness and
illegible text (illegible even if we are talking about >100% sizes,
and even if we were using pt, since we cannot guarantee that 1pt = 1px
and only 16px and 24px were safe). If we, in those times, specified a
size like 120% then we would be in grave trouble, or rather giving the
web site visitor grave trouble.

That said, we are long past those times. Right now I have nothing
against not using px, but historically px was at one point mandatory
for at least some writing systems.


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