RE: Where can I send test emails?

> As I imagine you know, for Usenet newsgroups it is usually misc.test
> alt.test:

I didn't know that.  Thanks for the tip!

> There is no comparable list for email and lists can differ.

I checked the list W3C mailing list, and there seems to be a few
inactive test emails.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to accept incoming
email any more.

> All W3C mailing lists are archived with literal characters, in other
> words markup will show.

However, URLs seem to be changed into hyperlinks (although the software
sometimes makes annoying mistakes).  The information on mailing list
format, such as mime-types accepted (text/plain, text/html,
application/xml...), font/markup, line length, and others, really should
be added as a note on the main page [1].

One other question:  What's the line length, then?

James Francis Cerra 


Received on Sunday, 15 June 2003 19:29:56 UTC