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connection with Italy IT security desk ( new effective july 2000 )

From: Riccardo <scaric@libero.it>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 00:22:07 +0200
Message-ID: <002d01c0113e$68c10a60$86011497@vener000>
To: <site-comments@w3.org>
I announce that we have built a first basis of new association for security IT in Italy ,no other associations are in force now with same obbiectives in Italy (no profit).
There is a request of surety from customers that approaching new technology (read internet exchanges - buyers/vendors etc..) - but general sensibility on the side of protections (phisical ,sw)
for edp centers is lower , for this reason market and activity are not in a good position to develop with right level of surety i.e.the e.com.i.e. to transmit to the general market a sensaction of real quite contolled ,carefull, IT secured activity -
Plus the information on damages, problems,frodes,malicious actions , do not circulate in the right
desk discussion ,but when they will be gives on the market it is only by jurnalist articles that research enphatization on boom senzaction , the effect on the mass of the readers is negative .
For this reason (needs from our actual society expancion phases on IT new massive technology) 
few people decided to start with this project for security association .
Discussing , meeting , exchange of information , to develope more sensibility on the side of IT
security , this is our  messages and chalenge for next years, hope it will be more or less done very
soon , we know that more security means more people that use IT for exchanges and at the end more progress of our society .
The areas of work are layer,technical,instruction culture,insurance,security tools,and others various.
Name will be gives to the right channel very soon , and our action will develope I hope quicly , from
various channel of activity .
Hope to have contacts with your site to have help sometime or for information exchanges.
If someone is interested to related with us from MIT , we are happy to have point of contact .


riccardo scalici 

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