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RE: Logical Linearized Order on a Page

From: Bailey, Bruce <Bruce_Bailey@ed.gov>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 10:06:20 -0400
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I 'm responding to a combining of a couple of your earlier messages...

>> Seems to me they violate (P2) Checkpoint 5.3:  Do not use tables for
>> unless the table makes sense when linearized.
>> How is [NavBar] [W3C Links: A to Z] [News and Content] [More Links and
>> Search] [NavBar] a logical reading order?

> That's precisely the order of objects on the page!

Right, which was my point.  Something like:
[Welcome] [PageNavBar] [Search] [News and Content] [More Links] [W3C Links:
A to Z] [BriefSiteNavBar]
would have made more sense.  Kynn Barlett picked up on that, and several
exchanges followed...
Anyway, in your (incredibly tolerant) discussion with Jonathan Chetwynd, I
learned that your page was "Lynx Enhanced":

> Please try not to read too much into the design. We use a LINK
> element at the top so that Lynx users will have access to the
> list of links, or the news, or the links to other pages, or the
> search box. 

I missed this (which teaches me to complain about a page without trying it
for real with Lynx).  My apologies.  That piece of engineering is important,
and pretty much nullifies my most serious complaint.  Are you considering
adding similar accommodations for users of JAWS/IE?  (I would suggest adding
two or three intra-page links to the first [NavBar]).

I also agree that adding that one sentence introduction (and link) has
improved the page.  Regular users can spare the two or three lines.

For what it is worth I rescind any complaint about the page not being double
A.  You have convinced me that my opinion was mistaken!  Now, how about
going for AAA?

Bruce Bailey
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