Re: The future of the W3C?

Sorry about the admonishing tone. I really didn't mean it to sound like that.
I agree that stuff from second-hand sources - and in particular Robin's pretty strongly worded message - could mean anything, so the question is legitimate, and IMHO the answer (for this group) isn't very complex.

W3C governance is important - enough that I am yet again volunteering to spend a heap of my own time and money to help work on it, if it turns out that people want me to do so. But for this forum to discuss it beyond how *we* want to work seems misplaced - most people working on W3C governance aren't here, and I suspect almost nobody is here to discuss it.


On Thursday, 22 December 2022 12:51:59 (+01:00), Martynas Jusevičius wrote:

> Okay. Was it so hard to convey this information without the admonishing tone?
> Having to hear about this from second hand sources, "it looks like we
> will not have an operational W3C" could mean anything, e.g. the
> organization shutting down and servers going offline.

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