RE: Entailment checking with pizza ontology

Hi Mikael,

You are right, your prior version results in a syntax error when I try opening it in Protégé. At least to me, this seems to be in contradiction with the Open World Assumption, and its resulting lack of negation as failure – i.e., just because a resource does not have an object property type does not mean that it is not in fact an object property.

It is also strange that a syntax exception is thrown since your ontology does seem to be in line with the Manchester syntax document, which stipulates that an objectPropertyIRI is simply an IRI<>, but I could be wrong. At the same time, the exact same ontology in Turtle does not raise an exception:

@prefix : <> .

@prefix owl: <> .

@prefix rdf: <> .

:Margherita rdf:type owl:Class ;

                rdfs:subClassOf [ rdf:type owl:Restriction ;

                                  owl:onProperty :hasTopping ;

                                  owl:someValuesFrom :MozzarellaTopping

                ] .


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There was couple of errors, Ontology needs to be the same and it seems all properties and classes need to be introduced?

Atleast this works:

Prefix: : <>

Ontology: <>

ObjectProperty: hasTopping

Class: MozzarellaTopping

Class: Margherita


        hasTopping some MozzarellaTopping

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