Unknown rule

Dear all,


Can anybody tell me why the following doesn't pass any RDF validator?


xyz:P-101/40000512  ex:propertyValueInBarGauge   "14,7"^^xsd:decimal . 


xyz:P-101#40000512  ex:propertyValueInBarGauge   "14,7"^^xsd:decimal . 


It seems to me that the subject is a perfect URI, but apparently it violates
some rule.

But no validator tells me which rule.


I got:

Unexpected "string" on line 208.

Syntax error: unexpected "string" on line 208.

Error! $resource should be either IRI, blank-node identifier or
EasyRdf_Resource. got empty string 


Please enlighten me!

Received on Friday, 28 February 2020 15:48:43 UTC