question about the book:Deep Learning


Recently ,I ¡®m reading the book :Deep Learning writen by Ian Goodfellow¡¢Yoshua Bengio  and Aaron Courville.
I¡¯have some question:

1. Is the categry about AI agreed by all?  Knowledge base is at the same level with machine learning and if KG is defined as some kind of Knowledge base,it will be on the opposite  side of the machine learning.As I know,training from the big data is the key property of machine learning, and that means KG is some AI theory that not focus on training from big data but focus on logic£¿ I think  training from big data is a way from bottom to up, and logic is a way from up to bottom.

2.¡°We contend that machine learning is the only viable approach to building AI systems that can operate in complicatedreal-world environments¡±
This is the exact words from the book:deep learning, so maybe the authors is not optimistic about knowledge base and the way from up to bottom.

Received on Thursday, 11 July 2019 06:29:57 UTC