Re: Job opening: Director of Wisdom Retrieval in Dept. of Web Semantics

Congatulations!  Should i be ashamed to say I swallowed it hook, line, and
sinker?  I saw the subject line and thought "those crazy ontologists have
finally gone over the edge" and didn't bother to read the message.  Well

On Apr 1, 2017 12:26 AM, "Sarven Capadisli" <> wrote:

> [Forwarding on behalf of Dr. McLuhan of the Department of Web Semantics
> at University of Risa]
> # Director of Wisdom Retrieval and Dissemination
> The Department of Web Semantics at University of Risa is an established
> team of researchers and post-docs, looking for a new Director to help us
> ensure the Web catches on. We specialise in converting public funding
> into carefully guarded, irrefutable knowledge, entrusted to profitable
> third parties who ensure exclusive access. To this end, you will lead us
> in conducting pioneering research in Web Science and Semantic Web
> technologies in preparation for a semantics-driven future.
> 365 Month Fixed Term Contract, Full-Time
> Application closing date: 2017-04-01T23:59:59-12:00
> ## Required Qualifications
> In addition to the following required qualifications, candidates must
> have 35 years of experience in Web Science or in related disciplines.
> * Experience with Semantic Web technologies, including RDF, SPARQL, OWL
> reasoners and mailing lists
> * A working knowledge of all W3C specifications and IETF RFCs
> * Ability to generate complex diagrams and slideshows
> * Understanding the necessary hashtags
> * Ability to jump through hoops
> * Good handwriting
> ## Responsibilities
> * Generating spurious correlations and supervising authorship of
> academic papers
> * Correcting LaTeX syntax and compositing PDF documents
> * Ensuring documents have the right fonts and margins, and conform to
> other arbitrary third-party publisher constraints (50% of allotted hours)
> * Establishing Web of Trust
> * Overseeing SOP, CORS, Web security and credentials issues, and ink
> levels in our department printers
> * Choosing between http and https for namespaces
> * Converting our hot URIs to cool ones
> ## Equal Opportunities Policy
> University of Risa is an equal opportunities employer and is committed
> to the employment policies, procedures and practices which do not
> discriminate on grounds such as favourite RDF syntax, text editor
> preferences, tabs vs spaces, position on HTTPRange-14, opinion on
>, belief on the existence or utility of blank nodes, past W3C
> Working Group involvement, whose side you are on in the EME debate, or
> other technological orientations and memberships.
> ## Application Procedure
> Candidates should submit (email or fax) a screenshot/photo of their CV
> and cover letter (1x Postcard maximum), or mail a printout to:
> University of Risa
> c/o Subspace Green Recycling
> 742 Evergreen Terrace
> Springfield, US
> -Sarven

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