Job opening: Director of Wisdom Retrieval in Dept. of Web Semantics

[Forwarding on behalf of Dr. McLuhan of the Department of Web Semantics
at University of Risa]

# Director of Wisdom Retrieval and Dissemination

The Department of Web Semantics at University of Risa is an established
team of researchers and post-docs, looking for a new Director to help us
ensure the Web catches on. We specialise in converting public funding
into carefully guarded, irrefutable knowledge, entrusted to profitable
third parties who ensure exclusive access. To this end, you will lead us
in conducting pioneering research in Web Science and Semantic Web
technologies in preparation for a semantics-driven future.

365 Month Fixed Term Contract, Full-Time

Application closing date: 2017-04-01T23:59:59-12:00

## Required Qualifications
In addition to the following required qualifications, candidates must
have 35 years of experience in Web Science or in related disciplines.

* Experience with Semantic Web technologies, including RDF, SPARQL, OWL
reasoners and mailing lists
* A working knowledge of all W3C specifications and IETF RFCs
* Ability to generate complex diagrams and slideshows
* Understanding the necessary hashtags
* Ability to jump through hoops
* Good handwriting

## Responsibilities
* Generating spurious correlations and supervising authorship of
academic papers
* Correcting LaTeX syntax and compositing PDF documents
* Ensuring documents have the right fonts and margins, and conform to
other arbitrary third-party publisher constraints (50% of allotted hours)
* Establishing Web of Trust
* Overseeing SOP, CORS, Web security and credentials issues, and ink
levels in our department printers
* Choosing between http and https for namespaces
* Converting our hot URIs to cool ones

## Equal Opportunities Policy
University of Risa is an equal opportunities employer and is committed
to the employment policies, procedures and practices which do not
discriminate on grounds such as favourite RDF syntax, text editor
preferences, tabs vs spaces, position on HTTPRange-14, opinion on, belief on the existence or utility of blank nodes, past W3C
Working Group involvement, whose side you are on in the EME debate, or
other technological orientations and memberships.

## Application Procedure
Candidates should submit (email or fax) a screenshot/photo of their CV
and cover letter (1x Postcard maximum), or mail a printout to:

University of Risa
c/o Subspace Green Recycling
742 Evergreen Terrace
Springfield, US


Received on Saturday, 1 April 2017 05:19:30 UTC