Re: ISO 15926, semantic web enhancement of ISO 10303

What are you looking for in particular? I am myself in the process of sending white papers for a new division of Internet of Data, Internet of Devices and Internet of DNA to several technical committees and there is much confusion about how to fit into the new scheme of things that what we call the semantic web, or in more practical terms linked data.

I will send you some of my findings tomorrow, you may for now prefer to look for linked data instead of semantic web when going through international standards, in particular as they relate to big data and the IoT (Internet of Things).

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I had long expected, or at least hoped, that by now organizations such as the Auto Alliance (1) would have developed a peer-reviewed generic automobile ontology which their individual automobile manufacturers, and potentially others, could modify, or import, as needed for their specific needs. Other alliances and associations for other domains could also create "approved" ontologies for their membership. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be enough demand from association membership to support this sort of standardized ontology development.
John Flynn
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Yes, I was considering an ontology for a Tesla. I downloaded a number of their patents, but wanted to make use of existing efforts to save time and improve output if possible. I liked ISO 15926 due to the flexibility that it seemed to promise over all of the ISO 10303 APs [2]. 
I found focus area in ISO 10303 for automotive would be AP 214 [1]. I found it helpful that you linked to the Product modelling W3C efforts. 
I'm trying to meet this through construction of an EIS that allows participants to easily join and leave, and allows for small participants. At this point, I'm trying to put together what is out there. I hope this falls in line with Tesla's business case.
"We believe that Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform."
[2] (pg. 62)

-Brent Shambaugh

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