Re: Problems and Suggestions on Semantic Web for my MSc. thesis

On Friday 11. October 2013 01.48.12 Ahmed Yousri Salama wrote:
> [apologies for cross posting]
> Dear Semantic Web list members,
> I would like to ask if any one can provide or share with me
> some   problems on Semantic Web domain for my MSc. thesis to work on
> since we haven't any expert or researchers here in any  Sudanese University
> on this field.

I was just catching up on old email, and saw your request. I can imagine this 
being difficult indeed, someone has to start! :-) Then, I noticed there wasn't 
any responses on the list.

I don't think I can offer a lot of advice, but it seems that your most urgent 
problems are related to multilingualism. On the major conferences, this is 
often a topic of a workshop, so I would suggest searching for such papers, and 
see what the authors write in their "Future work" section. See e.g.

That should give you an idea of open research problems in the multilingual 
area, and then you can see which of those problems are most related to the 
problems you experience.



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