[Announce] EulerGUI 1.13


I am pleased to announce the release 1.13 of EulerGUI, a development
tool and a framework for the Semantic Web and rules, under LGPL
licence, in Java.
The improvements mainly concern features in Semantic Web client GUI for
SPARQL queries. The full list is :

[EulerGUI 1.13 2013-01-18]
- SPARQL : update in place the displayed table for SELECT queries; for file
suffixes ".rq" and ".sparql", set editor mode "n3"
- table view: columns that have a known property can be sorted according to
datatype (e.g. numerics)
- a SPARQL "service" URI starting with file:/ is now interpreted as a TDB
- in button add N3 Source from URL, understand standard prefixes, e.g.
    use first project prefixes, then try EulerGUI internal well knows
- for N3 sources from Internet, popup showing HTTP headers
- migrate to Scala build (with Maven)

library updates : scala 2.10.0-RC5 ; euler 2013-01 ; OWL API 3.4.2 ; JLine
2.9 ; Jena ARQ 2.9.4 ; jena-tdb 0.9.4 ; Drools 5.5.0.Final

- it can happen that "cache Up to Date" is true, but cached File is non
existing : then need to download again the URL;
- fix adding """ wrappers to N3 strings when necessary
- error in Windows when adding an OWL URL ( e.g.
http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema# )
- catch any error during OWL+SWRL translation to N3
- more redirect HTTP headers followed

The download is here:

Full CHANGES list:


Jean-Marc Vanel
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Twitter: @jmvanel ; chat: irc://irc.freenode.net#eulergui

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