Re: What does SPARQL stand for?

If you want the oral history.  I came up with the SPARQL name.

I was *originally* thinking that it was Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language but when it started getting too complex (UNION, OPTIONAL, DESCRIBE) I felt it couldn't justify that any longer and the appeal of a recursive acronym was just too delicious.

The proposal and also how to pronounce sparql

The revised name proposal

So SPARQL is the SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language


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> Dear list,
> please clarify. I really hate not being able to answer simple questions.
> Here are the inconsistencies I found:
> SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language
> from
> (No authorative reference for the acronym found though)
> Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language
> from Jeffrey Pollock. Semantic Web for Dummies. John Wiley & Sons Inc., Chichester, West
> Sussex, Hoboken, NJ, 2009.
> SPARQL Query Language for RDF
> from
> SPARQL Protocol for RDF
> from
> What is the best and most recent document I should reference in an academic paper?
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