Yet another problems with URIs and reference


I have a curiosity/problem/request for suggestions which is loosely related
to the Referee/Referred identification.

In my case, I need to predicate on a URI, intended as an identifier.

So (keeping canonical example), I can have:

http://xx/Berlin 		This is the URI of the thing per se.
http://xx/web/Berlin	Points to a web representation
http://xx/data/Berlin	Data representation

Now I can predicate in all these documents on http://xx/Berlin referring to
the actual city.

But I need to predicate on "http://xx/Berlin" intended as an identifier: in
my case, this goes through cycles of approvals and states. In practice I
would need to tell whether my URI is approved, reserved, invalid! and so
These are clearly not properties of the city of Berlin!

How is this case usually approached ? In principle, it should be quite

What I was considering (in order of preference):

1) perhaps some as hoc extension of OWL (annotations). At the end this is an
overgrown versioning mechanism
2) creating a dichotomy between "identifiers objects" and "identifiers
codes". This could make some sense in my case as identifiers come as codes
that inherit some 'unconvential' semantics.
3) ignoring the distinction and putting it relegating to the semantics of
relations (a bit like 1, in the end, but dirtier)
4) ignore informations on URIs on the web (delegating it to some internal
engine). This may be a last resort solution.

Any idea ?


Andrea Splendiani
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Received on Thursday, 10 November 2011 14:30:21 UTC