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On Thu, 2011-11-10 at 14:29 +0000, Andrea Splendiani wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a curiosity/problem/request for suggestions which is loosely related
> to the Referee/Referred identification.
> In my case, I need to predicate on a URI, intended as an identifier.
> So (keeping canonical example), I can have:
> http://xx/Berlin   This is the URI of the thing per se.
> http://xx/web/Berlin Points to a web representation
> http://xx/data/Berlin Data representation
> Now I can predicate in all these documents on http://xx/Berlin referring to
> the actual city.
> But I need to predicate on "http://xx/Berlin" intended as an identifier: in
> my case, this goes through cycles of approvals and states. In practice I
> would need to tell whether my URI is approved, reserved, invalid! and so
> on...
> These are clearly not properties of the city of Berlin!
> How is this case usually approached ? In principle, it should be quite
> common.
> What I was considering (in order of preference):
> 1) perhaps some as hoc extension of OWL (annotations). At the end this is an
> overgrown versioning mechanism
> 2) creating a dichotomy between "identifiers objects" and "identifiers
> codes". This could make some sense in my case as identifiers come as codes
> that inherit some 'unconvential' semantics.
> 3) ignoring the distinction and putting it relegating to the semantics of
> relations (a bit like 1, in the end, but dirtier)
> 4) ignore informations on URIs on the web (delegating it to some internal
> engine). This may be a last resort solution.
> Any idea ?
´╗┐Another option is to use a quoting mechanism.

ex:BracketedTerm a rdfs:Class .
ex:termInBrackets a rdf:Property ;
  rdfs:domain ex:BracketedTerm .

The notions of "lifecycle", "state", and such are illusory.  What
changes are people's minds, not the URI.  The state is properly
predicated of some individual or collective consciousness, for example:

ex:AnApprover ex:approves [a ex:BracketedTerm;
  ex:termInBrackets   "http://xx/Berlin"^^xs:anyURI;
rdfs:comment "URI representing the city of Berlin." ] .


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