quantities as units

I'm looking to represent some data in which I have units that are, 
loosely speaking, quantities of something, e.g. equivalent to Kg of CO2 
as a unit for global warming potential.  The environmental community 
measure a  number of things in terms of units like this.   I'm thinking 
of using qudt [1] as the quantities/units ontology.

I could just define a new Kind (GWP) and a new unit (Kg of CO2 equiv) 
(or maybe someone else has done that already).  It seems like it would 
be better to express this unit in terms of the already defined unit Kg. 
   I can't see how to do this with qudt.

I was wondering if anyone had done something like this before.


[1] http://www.qudt.org/

Received on Tuesday, 15 March 2011 14:57:25 UTC