Re: Is there any repository of unsolved problems?

Dear Yury,

    I speak very bad English. Sorry.

    I do not know a repository that contains a list of unsolved problems, but I identified a fundamental problem.

 I think the Semantic Web is not a reality now because it must be built by all users, from participation.

   However, the specifications are too complicated for end users. So, that scientists should find a way to automate the semantic annotation process. I think that is the key. When we have enough semantic data, then we can think of exploiting them. In fact, all Web should be formalized (RDF, OWL) and this requires each user (blogs, wikis, etc ...) can contribute to the annotation of its content.

   People should have the tools to formalize its content automatically. In this way, together, build the Semantic Web.

So, in my opinion, is very interesting to work in automating the semantic annotation problem oriented end users (involved in content) [1], what I call active users.



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Dr. Luis Criado

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> De: Yury Katkov <>
> Asunto: Is there any repository of unsolved problems?
> Para: "Semantic Web" <>
> Fecha: lunes, 7 de marzo, 2011 22:54
> Hello!
> I'm seeking for a good topic for my Ph.D. research in the
> Semantic Web
> field. Would you mind to help me to find the place where I
> can see the
> list of unsolved problems? I don't necessarily mean the
> list of Ph.D.
> topics :) , but that could probably be the list of
> current directions
> where the help is needed and where many questions are
> opened.
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> Sincerely yours,
> Yury V. Katkov
> Laboratory of intelligent systems
> of the Saint-Petersburg National University of Information
> Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russia


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