Re: the list of semantic technology companies now enriched with dog food

At 17:16 01.03.2011, Giovanni Tummarello wrote:
>I think it would be useful to clarify why is this being done.  (at

Well, often I do things because I am interested in and this is "why" 
enough for me.

>least on the homepage , sorry if i missed some earlier explanation)
>i can think of 3 use cases
>* a small company supposed to use its presence in the list to show
>some big potential customer that "they're listed there too"
>* a big company going to go trough all those entries to find the
>expertise they need in a list of very similar sounding descriptions
>and with no geographical addresses or number of employees etc.
>* an evangelist to be able to say "look how many companies have had
>something to do with what i am trying to sell you, there is even a
>long hand curated list" (and yet you never heard of it)

Yes, if at all then my potential use case is around three. Next steps 
will be to:

         - run a bachelor thesis on some empirical findings of the data
         (f.e., what is the accumulated yearly turn-over of these companies,
         number of employees, regional distribution etc.)
         - run a master thesis on improving the process model of establishing
         the data and deepen the Ontology used to describe the companies.

Notice if an industrial area wants to acquire public research funding it is
indeed not bad at all to indicate some socio-economic impact of this area.

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