Re: Unicode Character Database in RDF?

Hello Gerard,

2011/1/5 Gerard de Melo <>

> Hello Shane and others,
>  Unless I miss something, Unicode characters as linked data have been
>>> published for quite a while by Gerard de Melo (in cc) at
>>> See e.g.,
>> If I understand the request from Shane right, he focuses not on Unicode
>> characters, but the Unicode character database. The latter has a lot of
>> information e.g. about character properties available (see
>> ) which is not
>> incooperated
>> into
> As the maintainer of, I could easily add a few additional
> character properties to the Lexvo ontology and RDF dump based
> on the particular use cases you are interested in. So far, I have
> tried to avoid creating a 1:1 mapping of all properties to predicates.

This makes a lot of sense, since otherwise you get many triples without use
cases. Also, there are differences between the properties in terms of
stability and data sources. See for what is available in
version 5.1. Note also that there is information about characters which is
not in the properties' data base, e.g. whether a character can be used in an
internationlized domain name or not, see . So again, it really depends on
the use case what information you want in the RDF representation.


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