Re: Ann: EE available: on the fly entity data consolidation and browsing from your own chosen sources

Awesome! Congrats!

It seems like everybody is checking it out because is down..
at least for me.

Juan Sequeda

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 11:17 AM, Giovanni Tummarello <> wrote:

> Dear all, Enterprise Edition (EE) is now available open source
> from . It can be deployed easily and merge the sources
> you want both from Sindice and from your chosed LOD sources.
> blog post excerpt follows
> ----
> The original
> The service was created as a demonstration of live, on
> the fly Web of Data mashup. Provide a query and will
> demonstrate how the Web of Data is likely to contain surprising
> structured information about it (pages that embed RDF, RDFa,
> Microdata, Microformats)
> By using the Sindice search engine allows a person to get a
> (live) view of what’s on the “Web of Data” about a given topic. For
> more information see our blog post. For academic use please cite
> as in [1].
> Introducing Enterprise Edition (EE)
> We’re happy today to introduce EE , a standalone, deployable,
> customisable version of
> EE is deployed as a web application and will perform on the fly
> data integration from both local data source and remote services
> (including ; just like but mixing your chosen
> public and private sources.
> EE currently supports the following data providers:
> * SPARQL endpoints (tested on Virtuoso, 4store )
> * YBoss + the Web (Uses YBoss to search then Any23 to get the data)
> * Sindice (with optionally the ability to use Sindice Cache API for
> fast parallel data collection)
> It is very easy to customise visually and to implement new custom data
> providers (e.g. for your relational or CMS data) by following
> documentation provided with EE.
> Want to give it a quick try? EE now also powers the service on
> the homepage so you can add a custom datasource (e.g.
> your publicly available SPARQL endpoint) directly from the “Options”
> menu you get after you search for something. It is very easy to
> implement new custom data source (e.g. for your relational or web CMS
> data) by implementing interfaces following the examples.
> EE is open source and available for download. The standard
> license under which EE is distributed is the GNU Affero General
> Public License, version 3. EE is also available under a
> commercial licence. Please contact us to discuss further.
> Acknowledgements
> Sig.MA EE is built with as part of the LOD2 project.
> Call: FP7-ICT-2009-5
> [1] Giovanni Tummarello, Richard Cyganiak, Michele Catasta, Szymon
> Danielczyk, Renaud Delbru, Stefan Decker “ Live views on the
> Web of Data”, Journal of Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents
> on the World Wide Web – Volume 8, Issue 4, November 2010, Pages
> 355-364

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