Re: How To Do Deal with the Subjective Issue of Data Quality?

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>     All,
>     Apologies for cross posting this repeatedly. I think I have a typo
>     free heading for this topic.
> Ok, I'll give you points for trying so hard.  But I feel duty-bound to 
> point out to you that cross-posting is generally considered bad form 
> for a reason.  Apologizing doesn't really make it good form.

Context is important. Unfortunately, trying to do the right thing in 
cyberspace just worsens matters, exponentially.

I was trying assist someone else who seems to be preoccupied with the 
subject matter in question but simply won't take my suggestion re. 
starting a new thread.

Two typo ladden headings later, here we are :-(

>     Increasingly, the issue of data quality pops up as an impediment
>     to Linked Data value proposition comprehension and eventual
>     exploitation.
> Precise formal definitions would be a good start.  "Data" can mean 
> just about anything.
> -Gregg

Yes, in a nutshell.



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