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On 31 Mar 2011, at 19:55, William Waites wrote:
> ] I'm looking for some references about SPARQL endpoint discovery. I know 
> ] that it is common to have the SPARQL endpoint available at /sparql. 
> ] However, I wonder if there is something published about the discovery of 
> ] these endpoints (e.g. how sindicebot works, or discovery of endpoints 
> ] used in Web forms).
> The void vocabulary lets you speficy the sparql endpoint 
> containing a particular dataset.

To be more precise:

This states that on domain, the URI

can be expected to be a redirect to an RDF document that describes any RDF datasets hosted on that domain, expressed in the VoID vocabulary. Looking for void:sparqlEndpoint triples in such a VoID description would yield the endpoint URL.


> A related question is SPARQL endpoint fingerprinting... Which
> is not necessarily straightforward as often people put them
> behind HTTP reverse proxies that stomp on identifiable 
> headers... In principle it would be interesting to do a 
> survey to see the relative prevalence of different SPARQL
> implementations.
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