Re: rdfa vs. links

> With RDFa, when a user cuts and pastes visible HTML content, they also get
> the RDFa that is exactly associated with that content.  There is a demo of a
> Javascript page that can receive the paste and display the RDFa nicely.

I'm a proponent of RDFa, but I actually see this particular behavior as a
bug, not a feature. Because the RDFa is hidden, you can easily copy text
from the Web and paste it somewhere where the hidden tags will make
incorrect assertions.

For instance, when I copy and paste a co-worker's name into a page on my Web
site, it would copy the foaf:name property. The foaf:name property worked
well on my coworkers Web site, where the foaf:name took the URI defined in
the parent element as it's subject. However, when I place it in an arbitrary
position on my page, it will then take another element for it's subject...
for instance, it might be pasted into a div about me, in which case it would
assert that my coworker's name is also my name.

I'd be interested to hear what other's think about this.


Received on Sunday, 24 October 2010 21:28:17 UTC