Re: Possible Idea For a Sem Web Based Game?

On Sat, 20 Nov 2010 19:13:31 +0000
Toby Inkster <> wrote:

> I'd be happy to mock-up an interface - perhaps tonight!

Here are a few test nodes:

The vocab they use is:

I've put together a little web-based client you can use to "play" the
game here:

Source code is here:

As you should be able to see from the source, while the four test nodes
only link to each other, they could theoretically link to nodes
elsewhere on the Web, and the client would follow the links happily.

Melvster wrote:

> However most book based text games will have a description added to
> each link, rather than simply directions to travel. 

The way I've written this client, the nodes themselves can extend the
pre-defined link directions:

	<#node1> <#hide-under-rug> <#node2> .

		rdfs:label "hide under the rug" ;
		rdfs:subPropertyOf game:exit .

The client will notice you've defined a custom direction, and offer it
as an option.

One possible addition, that would go way beyond what the CYOA books
could offer would be for the client to have a stateful store. So when
you entered a room, there could be a list of room contents which you
could collect into your store. The objects that you've collected could
then influence the progress of the game. Probably need to think a bit
more about how this should work.

Toby A Inkster

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