Re: [foaf-dev] EON - event of note

Hi Toby,

> A few, though they could possibly be addressed by a revision of LODE:
> 1. lode:Event appears to be restricted to events which have already
>     happened. One of the main use cases for EON is to describe events
>     which are planned.

Not at all! The EventMedia bubble in the LOD cloud used to contain many 
upcoming events (which will be past events at some point in the future ;-)

> 2. Its time properties use OWL Time which is overly complicated for the
>     lightweight FOAF-style vocabulary I'm aiming for, suitable for easy
>     embedding in web pages.

I agree that OWL Time should be revised at some point, but hey, we just 
have one blank node !
(made up) Example of a description of a past Radiohead concert in LA:

   a lode:Event;
   dc:title "Radiohead: Haiti Relief Concert";
   lode:involvedAgent <>;
   lode:atPlace <>;
     [ wgs84:lat "34.101624"^^xsd:string;
       wgs84:long "-118.32331"^^xsd:string
     [ time:inXSDDateTime "2010-01-24T20:00:00"^^xsd:dateTime ];
   owl:sameAs <>;
   dc:publisher <>.

> 3. It's missing certain properties that seem to be useful to cover the
>     kind events that are advertised/mentioned on the Web - cost, booking
>     links, etc.

There are extensions for this, either using the patterns from the F 
event model or with direct properties. It would be better to start from 
this rather than re-inventing what already exists.
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