Re: RDF *already* supports literal subjects - a thought experiment

Am 09.07.2010 20:02, schrieb Denny Vrandecic:
> On Jul 9, 2010, at 10:54, Graham Klyne wrote:
>> It has already been suggested that data: URIs provide a way to implement
>> subjects-as-literals in RDF.  I thought it might be worth fleshing this out a
>> little to see where it leads...
> to linked open numbers?
> <>
> j/k denny


Graham's proposal sounds quite similar to my proposed idea (taken from [1]):

3. I really don't understand the decision between datatypes and 
individuals (and their disjointness as Michael Schneider point it out; 
maybe it's a bit naive point of view, or that I haven't such deep 
knowledge about really understanding DL).
What about handling (datatyped) literals as in-built individuals, e.g. a 
string typed literal would be then internally resolved to an ex:String 
individual. We could reuse the well-defined xsd datatypes etc.

I know there is the concept of rdfs:Datatype, which causes maybe the 
trouble later in OWL (owl:ObjectProperty owl:disjointWith 
owl:DatatypeProperty). However, I think the OWL guys could fix that issue ;)




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