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I would like to add a very simple one in the list of annoyances:

Le 1 juil. 2010 à 04:46, Dan Brickley a écrit :
> Some reasons why RDF is annoying and hard (a mildly ordered list):

[… cut list of annoyances …]

* community building by hacking:

The RDF community is pretty much a community of hackers and quite open.
But for a beginner, it is always super hard to have answers (leads) to 
start hacking for very simple data. FOAF is often used in many documents 
as a "Hello world" example. But I'm not sure it is always the good 
example. Outsiders have more basic questions for hacking.  

Many people do not want to solve big problems of large data sets. They 
want to hack on their own data in a very practical and *visible* way.
aka to get people adding a bit of data, they need to have direct 
benefits. It doesn't need to be perfect either. :)

It's often super hard for a beginner to know how to write a few rules.
Hacking simple data will help leverage the knowledge of RDF.

# some practical examples (but there are plenty more)

* My travel schedule: 
  * how do I put (very simple) rdfa markup in an html page 
    to describe my trips?
  * How do I associate a (java)script with it so it can 
    show a map (Google, OpenStreetMap) of places I went in
    the same page.
  * How do I add automatically create a timeline in the same 
* My Own DVD
  * how do I put (very simple) rdfa markup in an html page 
    to describe my dvd list?
  * How do I extract data from imdb to relate the page?
    and makes it displayable in the page. Example, director names
    for free.
  * How do I connect it with a blog post where I have written 
    a review? (title of the blog post and first paragraph appears)
    in the list.
* Diary "Ontology"

(thousands of examples more)

How people can start hacking? 

Karl Dubost
Montréal, QC, Canada

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