Travel journal or diary ontology [literature]

I'm reading a very interesting [Travel journal][1]: The diary written for the [Iwakura mission][2], sent from Japan around the world from 1871 to 1873. The entries in the journal refer most of the time to a day, where the author is decribing what the mission has lived and discovered.

# Issue

I found no schemas (in RDF) trying to describe a travel journal. Has anyone worked on that topic? Did they start to create a schema? I can see how fun visualization could be made of a travel diary, mixing them with others.
Connecting people, writers of different time in history.

I describe here the type of Information I have identified.

# Type of Information

The entries contain:

Date.    ex: February 12th (1872)
Weather. ex:  Fine
Prose.   a text containing a lot of information 
         which would be interesting to describe.

In the Prose:

Location. The participants arrive, stay or leave 
          a [global place] but they also move 
          around when they are at this global place.

          They are sometimes moving between two [places],
          then the location is a [moving object] like a
          boat or a train.

          The writer is talking about [another location]
          when being at the [global place].

Objects.  The writer is talking about [objects], pieces of
          technology, such as railroad tracks or a boat.

People.   Some [people] who are met or as a reference are 

Events.   The writer might write about a future or past 
          [events]. ex: When in Chicago, he is writing
          about the Great Fire of Chicago, 4 months ago.

Entities. The writer is talking about a [legal entity]
          such as a private company or an organization.


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