Re: Datatyping

"That suggests zero evolvability of RDF."

If we reopen the datatyping can of worms the vote might split 70/30 the 
other way this time; and ...
then next time round it might be 40/60 back again.

I'm trying to thing of an equivalent evolution ... there was XML DTD to 
Schema ....

With RDF 1 as specified, it is possible to define your own semantic 
extension which includes interpretation properties.
I guess I would like to see success with this before adding such 
interpretation properties to the spec.
But I am not quite sure what I would mean by success.


>> I don't think 100% compatibility is enough. Adding a second mechanism 
>> will simply add to confusion.
>> This was considered and rejected by the earlier group, even if that 
>> decision with hindsight was not brilliant (it was a 50/50 split).
>> I preferred the other design, but I have to learn to live with the one 
>> we agreed.
> That suggests zero evolvability of RDF.  

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