Re: RDF, XML, XSLT: Grit

Hi Niklas,

2010-01-17 18:53 Niklas Lindström <>:
> I made this primarily for using XSLT to produce (xhtml) documents from
> controlled sets of RDF, e.g. vocabularies and such. I've found it
> conventient enough to think that there may be general interest.

My feedback will be …

> I would love feedback if you find this to be interesting, either for just
> XSLT/XQuery etc., or even as ("yet another"..) RDF format …

… of that kind:  I have successfully done some XSLT processing with RXR
(,  I found it very nice for XSLT
processing, as there is exactly one way for writing down things.  On the other
hand, it's a bit harder to read for humans, as it always uses full URIs, and
there is not syntax for anonymous bnodes; you always have to give bnodes an

Still, whatever syntax it will be in the end, I support any initiative towards
deprecating RDF/XML or at least introducing a machine-friendly XML syntax in
RDF 2.0.



Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen,, Skype duke4701

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