Re: Explicit RDF property for "literal has datatype D"?

Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but I just stumbled upon this:

"rdfs:Datatype is both an instance of and a subclass of rdfs:Class. Each
instance of rdfs:Datatype is a subclass of rdfs:Literal."

"A typed literal is an instance of a datatype class."


So I think this is valid:

_:x rdf:type xsd:date .
_:x owl:sameAs "2008-01-01" .

Quite confusing, but might be useful for RDF systems which treat
literals as just one "type" (type from their point of view).

Shame there is no such thing for language tags, or is there?

Jiri Prochazka

On 07/06/2009 07:43 PM, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> Pat Hayes wrote:
>>>> p a rdf:Property ;
>>>>  rdfs:domain rdfs:Literal ;
>>>>  rdfs:range rdfs:Datatype .
>> _:x p xsd:date .
>> _:x :seenAsLiteral  "2008-01-01" .
> I tend to write these examples as
> _:x p xsd:date .
> _:x owl:sameAs  "2008-01-01" .
> Semantically that has a literal as the subject, and it works around the
> legacy syntactic restriction
> Unfortunately the reasoning required to make this work means that simple
> RDF systems may well not get it.
> Jeremy

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