protocol negotiation

Thinking out loud...

just a thought, your user agent says, but it also
says xmpp://blah

http://something are excellent identifiers, but can we not throw in a
header to say "quick stuff here".

I expect someone's already spec'd this out...

Er, in humans way, you send me a message over email/im/facebook, and I
say to you, let's take this to *another. We talk over a different

So we shift to another protocol. Advertised in the headers.

Why not fire a header over http to say - use this other protocol now.
The http identifiers stand, but if you need something like realtime
you can get it.

Use the http:// as the bottom line (we can always resolve that), keep
the identifiers, but work on maybe three levels - 7

inside the vm

(I would suggest more, but lack imagination)


Received on Sunday, 28 February 2010 01:47:24 UTC