hyper reality web sites and semantic web technologies

Dear listers,

We think we may have found a set of potential killers apps for the internet, which could make SEO based on text almost obsolete and redefine driving traffic to cause-based and special theme sites on the net.

And actually it took some very unusual developments at a global level over the last two years to come up with the idea behind these applications.

SEO, social media and social networking sites and applications somehow have not given non-profits an advantage on the internet, in particular last year in events leading up to the Copenhagen summit on climate change.

A lot of money was spent by dozens of non-profits to direct internet traffic to their sites, but the actual resulting numbers of people visiting these sites and resulting participation in action related to climate change on these sites was disappointing.

Numerous reports
 have been produced by social research institutes in the USA and Europe over the period 2008-2010 in the aftermath of the financial markets meltdown.

These reports show how non-profits (in more general terms civil society organizations) have been struggling both with diminishing funds from donors and diminishing returns on efforts to capture the attention of target markets of individuals for their causes.

So we took a long hard look at what would really drive people to visit cause-based and special theme sites and decided it was not text based information, but something more universal.

At the same time we needed to make the idea open source and open access yet provide a viable business model to pay for building a mega site, a problem the folks at Facebook are now facing.

We think we have found a practical solution to this business model question and are now proceeding to define demo projects with existing applications and write the specs for a general concept for which new modules and applications may have to be developed.

For these two processes we need to know if:
we can use semantic web technologies and linked data to allow for sites to be tagged for embedded media content of a special kind (audiovisual);content management system software exists that is open and allows both linked data tagging and provides media content
 plug-in capability. Case in point: can Drupal allow for added media content that can somehow be tagged?there are research studies, programs, projects and publications on internet search for non-text content on the internet

For those listers who who blend music, video and other performing arts and the web in your daily lives who would like to know more about this hyper reality social networking project please send an email to megacitiesproject@yahoo.com.

Milton Ponson
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