Re: RDF 2 Wishlist: Turtle Syntax

2009/11/2 Simon Reinhardt <>:
> Hi
> Sandro Hawke wrote:
>>> 2009/11/1 Sandro Hawke <>:
>>> > So, what should W3C standardize next in the area of RDF, if anything?
>>> Turtle syntax.

> Turtle is out there and to my knowledge every important RDF library supports
> it - and OWL API does as well. I support having it as a recommendation - not
> only to give it the status it deserves but also to finally sort out the
> media type problems around Turtle and N3. :-)

To really sort out the issues between Turtle and N3 it would be nice
to also push N3 through the process if it is developed properly at
this stage.

What is the chief reference for N3 right now by the way?



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