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> Hay Bijian
> I am not sure where you get your certainties

I get the certainty that you've not been murdered by the fact that you  
are sending email. I get the certainty about the people I know by  
knowing them.

> from, and I am happy to take my choice of analogy  offilst
> when my accounts were hacked, I felt like had been physically  
> violated, no more no less

I dearly hope that you are still exaggerating and that you have never  
been physically violated and that your experience of being hacked was  
not remotely equivalent.

> I work for a victim support group,
> and the feeling that one gets from aggression is the same in  
> different incidents

I was very careful to talk only about people I know. I don't know if  
the survivors you know feel the way you do, but I'm surprised that  
given that you work for a victim support group, you would not use more  
care in making such analogies. I'm trying to take care not to say  
things based on presumptions about your background precisely because  
it would be presumptuous and potentially hurtful.

> I can share the references with you, if you are itnersted

I am not interested in further interaction with you.

> I know its a strong analogy, but that's exactly how I feel when my  
> servers are hacked
> I guess I have a strong bond with my storage
> I am sorry IF  that *IS* disturbing

I'm sorry that you have such reactions. I'm surprised that you do not  
see that expressing this analogy might not be disturbing and hurtful  
to at least some survivors and their family and friends. I'm still  
surprised that you think that the analogy is both accurate and worth  
making. Even if you (and perhaps a percentage of the population) have  
to some degree analogous reactions, it's amazing that you would not  
acknowledge that the lack of, e.g., physical assault makes the analogy  
offensive and essentially inaccurate.

There's a reason that laws treat theft differently from assault.

I strongly recommend that you ask the W3C to delete this exchange from  
the archives. I would certainly support that.


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