Re: Hosting Semantic Web data on MS IIS?

On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 17:28 +0200, Martin Hepp (UniBW) wrote:
> Are there any recommended Web resources for configuring Microsoft IIS to 
> support redirects and content negotiation? What is easily done via 
> .htaccess on Apache servers seems to be difficult or require commercial 
> add-ons on MS IIS, as far as my quick Google search indicates.

I've this bookmark stored:

but I didnt have time to test it in detail. It's not free software,
that's the bad part. Anyway it'd be nice to know if this really works,
or if there exists an alternative.

> Is anybody of you serving RDF/XML data or vocabularies from MS IIS 
> platforms?

Without any extenal extension, IIS just allows you to register new
mime-types, but not to setup rules as mod_rewrite allows.


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