Re: "Real OWL" on the Web

> am talking about.  I am thinking more of OWL-DL statements out there like
> FOAF is now, and systems that crawl (?) and reason over the combined
> knowledge.
> Are there some examples of this that someone can point me to?

When sindice finds an RDF online it will not simply index it, first it will
fetch the recursive closure of the imported ontologies (either explicitly
owl import or simply mentioned using,e.g.  a resolvable class name or

We will then perform perform RDFS + Some Owl rule reasoning over the
closure, e.g. supporting inverse properties, transivive, sameas and others.
And index the results. As you can see picking some examples, often there is
more inferred data than actual originary RDF data.[2]

A description of the procedure, which is designed to be "safe" so that one
bad ontology doeenst mess with other's information,  is given here[].

very difficult cases (huge ontologies, too deep recursion etc, are zapped
merciless 8-)



Received on Wednesday, 15 April 2009 13:05:51 UTC