Some FOAF services


Am mailing round to announce some FOAF related services Garlik are  
hosting at

1. FOAF Validator[1]: We have put together a page which can be used to  
validate foaf documents. We put this together based on common errors  
we found in FOAF documents online. Any suggestions for further tests  
are welcomed.

2. FOAF Reverse Search[2]: This service outputs foaf:knows  
relationships from our KB stating who claims to know the foaf:Person  
in question. You can present the service with either a foaf:Person URI  
like so:

or you can search for an Inverse Function Property (IFP) if the  
foaf:Person URI is not known for example, you can find who claims to  
know the foaf:Person with the following homepage:
like so (notice the inclusion of the GET argument ifp):

Given the decentralised nature of foaf data, this allows data to be  
presented regarding who claims to know a foaf:Person.

3. FOAF Social Verification [3]: This allows you to make use of the  
foaf social network to act as a whitelist for blog, email, and other  
online activity

4. FOAF Viewer: You can also use our GUI [5]  to visual your foaf  
network. For example, see Steve's foaf file here :

5. FOAF pinger: And finally, If we dont have your foaf file in our KB,  
you can use our ping [4] service to upload your foaf:Document to our  
KB so that you can make use of our services.

Any thoughts/suggestions welcomed,




[3] &


Mischa Tuffield
Homepage -

Received on Wednesday, 26 November 2008 15:26:22 UTC