Video Explaining Semantic Web for E-Commerce (and the Semantic Web approach in general) in 15 Minutes

Dear all:

I have compiled a 15-minute Webcast that tries to explain the impact of 
the Semantic Web on
- Web Shops,
- Content Management Systems,
and basically any individual or company offering goods or services on 
the Web.

Since a major part of the video is about explaining the Semantic Web to 
a broad audience, I thought some of you might be interested in this, too.

The Webcast is freely available at

The default version is Quicktime, but a slightly reduced version (with 
audio but without some animations) in Flash is available via Slideshare 
and a lower resolution video is available via Google video. All links 
are on the page given above.

Any feedback is very welcome!

Best wishes

Martin Hepp

Received on Wednesday, 26 November 2008 10:44:20 UTC