Re: Patents to be Auctioned

Il giorno 21/gen/08, alle ore 23:45, Dudley Mills ha scritto:

> Andrea,
> I hope it might be helpful to you to read a little about what patents
> are.
I know what they are. For software though, the thing is highly  

>  I would hope that your work with BOOTStrep might give rise to
> important Intellectual Property which demonstrates its value by being
> commercially exploitable. Links:
I'm not the responsible of this project, and it's not up to me to  
decide this. But indeed lot of the people in research seems to be  
inclined to give things for free than to patent them.
As for me, if I'm paid on public money I think it's good to leave the  
results for the public. There are exception to this. But the  
bottomline is always what to you bringing to the people.
I mean... talking about money. How much money did you "invest" in  
your "new invention" ? Did you spent "all that money" only because  
you had the garantee that the result was yours ? Was it necessary to  
spend "all that money" for it to happen ? (of course, patent fees  
don't matter).
For the rest, I cannot really answer because I have to check whether  
I'm going to infringe some patents somebody claimed on the use of a  
verb to link a subject to an object.


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