Re: HTTP URIs for real world objects


> proof, security, instability, centralization, protocols, etc...

While it is tempting to focus on the small details:

My 2 cents:
- RDF can deliver huge value in an intranet scenario today (
not-quite-open world... you can forget about trust, proof, inference..
even read/write issues for a while )
- If we focus on simple applications, people will start using semweb tech
- We will slowly grow a culture
- The private sector will eventually build competitive solutions on top
- They will have it wrong the first time
- And the second...
- But eventually, through natural evolution and open market, the
Semantic IntraWeb will pave the way to the Semantic Web

So... lets get our hands dirty with what we have and focus on what is
really really missing here: APPLICATIONS.

One thing that recently made me think... I have been working in
semweb/AI research for a looong time ( 5 years, lurker mode ). So I
should be able to do something valuable with this today, right?

I mean, I should be able to know what can be done with the tool...

But it turns out that what I know by heart is what can't be done.

Will it be John-web-designer that runs into the linked data spec, a
ready to use sparql engine, and sees the light in all its simplified

"do what you can, with what you have, where you are"
( Teo R. )

nice quote, its got a lot of WWWs in it
No GGGs yet, you see... that's waaaaaay ahead


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